Thursday, August 4, 2022

Great News!

I am officially busting out of this place today! So happy for everyone involved to not have to drive so far to see me and bring me things :). So excited to be able to get a good night’s sleep without all the poking, prodding and meds. 

First thing I’m going to do when I’m home is hug my kids (very gently) and then have my husband wash all of my blankets and pillows - since I brought 3 of each. One of them is a cooling comforter that everyone here is dying over how awesome it is. It’s call the cooling Rest Duvet and it is truly so amazing if you want something for photoflashes, etc: I also have a heated blanket that is really great since I go from one extreme to the other. Click HERE if you want to check it out.

Since this is not my first rodeo, I decided to make everything better by bringing the comforts of home. So I brought my own food, surgical clothing, earplugs, eye patch for sleep and even my own toilet paper. Having these has truly made a huge different! And thanks to my wonderful husband for being willing to cart all of my stuff here for me!

It is amazing to me how different this experience was compared to doing the same SGAP surgery at IMC over 11 years ago. The doctor has given vague restrictions but overall, I just need to listen to my body and not move my right arm too much, as well as avoid lifting. I can sit (on one bun) but it’s not super comfy, so it’s only for a few minutes at a time.

I am up and able to move about pretty easily. Last night they moved me from the ICU to the regular unit - about 10:30 :(. The nurses were helpful and surprised that I could walk instead of ride. I am up walking as much as possible to try and heal my body and maintain mobility. The nurses were also calling dibs on who gets me, since they said I am a nice, easy patient - wow, so great to hear that! Again, compared to 11 years ago, the nurses treated me like I was difficult and that added to the trauma of the experience. 

The pain comes and goes but it’s not unbearable, especially when I’m laying in bed. Getting in and out of bed is the hardest but I’ve got a handle on it :). I don’t love taking pain meds if I can avoid it and have been off them since Tuesday. So hopefully all the bodily functions can start working soon :).

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