Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Hello from Huntsman ICU

I get to stay here in ICU one more night and then most likely will be transferred to the regular unit sometime tomorrow. Things are 1000% better than the first time I had this surgery at IMC over 11 years ago. 

Huntsman is just so organized and has such well trained staff. I’ve seen doctors 3, maybe 4 times already today. My nurses have been excellent. And my mom and Derek have been here, along with my friend Kelly.

The nurse is astounded at my ability to move as much as I am. And also trying to train me not to move my right side - a very tall order for someone who is right handed :). Currently I am sitting in a hospital bed that transforms into a chair. I was thrilled to get out of bed and walk around a bit a few times today. 

The surgery was about 8-9 hours and so I am pretty loopy with the anesthesia still in my system, along with pain killers. They are monitoring my heart rate and blood pressure vigorously and they listen to the surgical site every hour to make sure it’s healing correctly. It’s so exciting to know that I’ve almost made it through one day already!!

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