Friday, January 18, 2013

The Best Is Yet to Come . . .

I’m feeling absolutely amazed at modern technology right now.  It has only been  3 days since my surgery and I feel almost back to normal.  Ok, I’m not ready to run a marathon and I do have some drs. orders to lay low but the pain I have is more like after a good workout - soreness vs. extreme pain.  I haven’t even taken one pain pill since I came home from surgery on Monday.  

When the nurse called to check on me on Tuesday, she was shocked when I said that my pain level was a 2 or 3.  Even the swelling has been very minimal and the sexy body cincher I get to wear is feeling a little bit big on me (yea!).  I guess after 6 surgeries in less than 2 years, I am really a pro at this (lol).  
I acknowledge the Lord’s hand in these blessings, including my good fortune in finding such an amazing Dr. to help me through this crazy ride - she did an amazing job if I do say so myself :).
So from the results I am seeing, this should be my last one . . . I appreciate your kind words, prayers, support and “likes” ;). As I told my sister and mom - this is the best surgery!!!!  A bit of an inside joke after my last surgery when I was all drugged up and kept saying this in a really funny voice. This time I am more coherent and it really is the best one yet! ♥
Being able to get back into life sooner, rather than later is extremely helpful at this time with my growing business Utah’s Matchmaker.  It has been a little over 2 months since I left my job as a corporate recruiter.  I am busier than I have ever been in my life but loving the flexibility I finally have to run my life and my business according to the vision I have been creating for so many years.  My best friend Rebecca is now working for me as an assistant matchmaker and some fun pics from the holiday singles events are below.  

 Many have asked why I decided to become a matchmaker and when it all first started?

 Stay tuned for the next blog post to find out!  The best is yet to come . . . 
Here is the most inspiring message I have read this week:
The truths we cling to shape the quality of our societies as well as our individual characters. All too often these truths are based on incomplete and inaccurate evidence and at times serve very selfish motives. Part of the reason for poor judgement comes from the tendency of mankind to blur the line between believe and truth. We too often confuse belief with truth - thinking that because something makes sense or is convenient it must be true." - President Dieter F. Uchtdorf