Saturday, August 6, 2022

Healing with the Best News Ever!

Thursday I made it home from the hospital about 12:30 after a very uncomfortable car ride. Turns out it is very difficult to sit on one bun or lay down in the car ;) - especially with a seatbelt on. 

I was so happy to see my sweet kids who made me a cute card and were so eager to help me with whatever I needed - they were fighting over it actually :).  It is seriously so nice to be in my own bed with all the amenities!

I am doing pretty well except for the pain in my butt, which is worse than the pain in my boob :). Trying to find a comfortable position to sit or lay is hard. It feels better to stand and walk around but then I get tired. The hardest thing right now is the lack of mobility from the fatigue and the drains I have in me. Luckily, I get to have the them out soon - probably Friday when I go for my follow up appointment. 

I am grateful to my parents, some good friends and of course my husband who came to the hospital, brought me food and just helped the time go by faster. Did you know that flowers aren't allowed in ICU? At least at Huntsman, so sadly, I didn't get to have them during my stay :(.

I’m trying to find good shows to watch to make the time go by faster since I am super bored. Not sure who knows this about me, but I love being productive, so my schedule is usually packed and I love feeling so accomplished by the end of the day. This is truly the exact opposite of that!! I hope to be able to attend activities in a week or so after my drains are out :).

I am very blessed to have a lot of helpers to get through everything we need right now. I also got the best news ever last night. My doctor sent this message to me (which I didn’t expect to get for another week or two: "Your pathology results from surgery look good. We found DCIS, about 1.8 cm with clear margins. The nodes were negative.
With this finding, no more treatment is needed.

I am over the moon, knowing that they got all the cancer!! Im also going to do a blood test that screens for about 50 different kinds of cancer as soon as I can. Its an expensive test that typically isnt covered by insurance. But for me, I feel like the cost is totally worth it.

I’m feeling kind of blah, nothing really exciting or inspiring coming to me. I am really grateful for so many who have helped. My sister Sheri came by with some healthy food and flowers, my cute step-daughter brought me some yummy treats and balloons and my other sister, Mitzi and her family took the kids for the day to play. The house was totally quiet so I took a 3 hour nap and slept through the amazing dinner that another friend brought.

Another good friend is coming tomorrow to spend the day with me and she is bringing some unique groceries that I wanted from different stores for my special diet. It’s nice to have that to look forward to break up the healing process a bit.

My mom just sent me this video HERE that she took of me when I woke up in my room after 10 hours of surgery - ha ha. It’s funny to watch because I actually don’t remember her taking it or talking to my kids. I also don’t remember even being wheeled into surgery. Maybe it was the all nighter I pulled before surgery - totally worth it because I got so much done. I recommend it :).

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