Friday, August 26, 2011

Chemo Round IV - Update

This time has had its own uniqueness that’s for sure.  I’ve been feeling a little sicker the past couple of days than I did the first 3 times – so I’m thankful that this was the last round of the A/C drugs.  Thursday I had my sweet cousin, awesome sister and amazing mother there to support me through the process.
It started with accessing my port and Rachel, the wonderful CNA who did the job was so good that I didn’t even feel it and had no weird reactions.  I even snuck in a photo shoot with my Dr, Nurse Practioner and Social Worker who all gave me a gold star for my blood cell and platelet counts :). 
Unfortunately my luck changed when I got to the infusion room and they tried to use the port to start Chemo.  Because of some issues they had to use some extra potions to get me going and I ended up feeling a bit sick, so I was lucky enough to get my own private bed! 
I ended up closing the place down when I left around 7:30 last night.  The cravings this time haven’t been as bad – so I guess that’s a good thing.  But out of habit we stopped at In N Out for a Double Double.  I slept most of today and did acupuncture + a little work but didn’t feel too productive. 
Now I am at home pondering how just how soon is too early to go to bed on a Friday night :).  I just listened to this beautiful song that really hits home by one of my all time favorites – Martina McBride and wanted to share it with ya’ll:
Thanks to all of you who have loved me through this, even when I don't feel too loveable :)!


  1. Love love love you!!! You are going to get through this and how blessed you are to have such an amazing support group!!! You have a wonderful family!! You are amazing! Love, Kristin

  2. Sorry you're not feeling great Amy:-(

  3. I don't think you realize how inspiring your words are. I'm feeling buoyed up by your strength. Truly, I appreciate the effort it takes to share.