Thursday, July 14, 2011

Chemo Kick Off Update

My day began as planned at the Huntsman Cancer Institute.  The nurses accessed and flushed the port in my chest to get me ready. It gave me a weird taste in my mouth and I started coughing a lot, which apparently is not normal and so I went for a chest x-ray to check things out.  Things were fine and I was cleared to start. I made it to the infusion room about 11:00 and got picked to be in a research study about chemo side effects. 

They started me on the anti-nausea  infusion first, which takes about an hour and then the chemo meds are given.  Between answering questions for the research study, talking to a nutritionist and social worker, the time went by very fast.  My nurse Sally was great and we even got a snap shot of her giving me the Adriamycin (known as the "Red Devil" because of it's color and effect on your output). This was about a 20 minute process. Then I got the Cytoxan, which took another hour.  When the infusion beeped twice, I was done and got to leave after I picked up my 4 anti-nausea meds at the pharmacy.

I felt a little loopy and tired and my mom took me to the grocery store after for some comfort foods.  So I got home about 5, I slept for a few hours and am now feeling really nauseated - just laying by the toilet hoping I can get this under control soon :).  My hair is still in tact - should be 14-21 days before it's gone. I'll be laying low tomorrow except for my visit to get the Neulasta shot. Thanks for your prayers and support - I think things went about as well as they could at this point.

It has been said: “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” – I’m glad that I have this first step behind me :).


  1. "Thank you, Cancer, for teaching us to stop and listen. Thank you, Cancer, for teaching us what and WHO are truly important to us. Thank you, Cancer, you can leave now...." Amy, you're rocking it. Just breathe, and let the scrubbing bubbles of chemo do their job. From here forward, you are really are. Keep that mindset. It's working.... :)

  2. Amy, your beautiful smile is an amazing example as to how to handle challenges with grace and dignity. Go Amy!

  3. We love you Ames!! You are doing great!! This is a wonderful blog. Prayers and smiles sent your way :) Love, the Weislers

  4. Ditto Alba above--
    "Grace" and "dignity" have ALWAYS defined you!
    Sending love and prayers!