Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Recovering and in good spirits

Hello Amy Stevens fan club!  I just left Amy at the IMC and she is HUNGRY!  :)  She's looking forward to a nice breakfast sometime in the morning.  But for now - IV's and ice chips!   She is in the ICU where she has what looks like a inflatable raft on top of her that is filled with continuous blowing hot air.  The room is also being kept quite warm.  This is to ensure that her "front" and her "back" are kept warm and circulation is adequate within the newly sewn together blood vessels.  It was a tedious 8 hour surgery where she was on her back for part of it, turned over onto her chest for some of it, and turned back over once again during the 8 hour span.   Amy's spirits are great and she's handling it all like a rockstar!  She says she is in little pain at this point - probably because she has a clicker to control how much pain meds she is getting.  Yay!  Her nurses are super great and she is having a much better experience in recovery then she did the first time.  She says she feels so much better 4 hours post surgery than she did with the mastectomy.  Right now she is only having ice chips so I was dropping those in her mouth like a momma bird!  When she ran out, I went out to the nurse and requested  Cafe Rio flavored ones....they laughed and her nurse kindly brought back ice chips in some sort of juice. Raspberry?  Strawberry?  Who knows but Amy was lovin' life!

She asked me to tell you all that she CAN and IS checking Facebook and looks forward to messages because she is bored!  She can only lay flat right now due to the River Raft/Hot Air Blanket.  So send her some messages so she has something to do!  :)

She will be in the ICU til tomorrow afternoon - providing things go well through the night and she stays stable as she is now.  Then she will be moved to a regular hospital room and stay there til Saturday.

Alrighty - Amy lou - if you are reading this - did I cover everything!?  :)  If not - text me and I'll more!   G night all!

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