Friday, June 24, 2011

Amy got to leave the ICU yesterday at noon!  Yay!  The physical therapists came and taught her how to get out of bed - kind of a roll and pivot - since she can't put any pressure on her left side right now.  She had been in that darn hospital bed for a good 20 hours and was so happy to get up!  She actually walked from the ICU to the new room and did really well and didn't want to lay  back down when she got there.  She has been treated to Kneaders for breakfast, Rumbi's for lunch and Smokey Mt. Pizza for dinner.  Hospital food - no thank you!

She did have a rough first night in the ICU, but that is in the past and she is making tremendous progress.  Yesterday she had some special visitors - we'll have to put a picture up of them!  There are six couple missionaries assigned to the hospital that come around and visit the LDS patients.  So there was a tap on the door and they asked to see Amy.  This cute little elderly couple came in - Brother and Sister Red - she with her soft spoken demeanor, and he with his bubbly smile and suspenders.  It was a hoot! They stayed for a few minutes and visited with Amy and Sheri and I, then went off to visit someone else.  We silly girls called them back in so we could take a picture of them!  I'll have to get Sheri to post the picture...

She is making great progress and will continue to do so.  I'll be seeing her in a couple of hours and will update more then!

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