Thursday, May 26, 2011

Surgery tomorrow

Sometimes in life we have to explore an alternative course to see if it is a better option. For me I have been exploring various courses of action over the past 3 weeks since my breast cancer diagnosis. It has kept me focused on finding the best treatment instead of being angry or sad about the situation. In this short time I have met many wonderful new friends and medical professionals who have treated me with so much kindness. I truly am blessed for the tender mercies I have been shown along the way.

Throughout this process I have found that there are differing opinions, which has left me with questions on how best to proceed – What kind of surgery should I choose? Which Drs. are best? Should I do surgery or Chemo first? This last question has been one of the most challenging for me. But after further contemplation and additional results from the Pet Scan I did, I have gone back to my original plan to do surgery. It will be tomorrow - Friday, May 27th, with a 2 week recovery period and an additional surgery in about a year. Chemo will start towards the end of June.

I feel good about this path and thank you for joining me on this roller coaster ride it has been to make this decision. My parents will be there at the hospital waiting for the results and praying that they will find that the cancer has not spread beyond the tumor we know about. I will be in surgery for most of the day but anticpate being coherent around 6:00 p.m. and I'm sure I'll want post an update on Facebook at that point :). My sister Mitzi Enger is on Facebook too and can share info with you if I don't :).

Please know that although I may not be able to talk to you or even respond at times to your messages, I truly appreciate your prayers and support. I do believe that it is because of your prayers that I am in such good spirits. Other trials I have been through before have felt more difficult than this one because I have born them alone. I am so thankful that this one is appropriate to share and that I have such an amazing support group. Thank you, thank you and may you be blessed for your faith and kindness you have shown to me and my family during this time.

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