Thursday, May 19, 2011

A new twist in the plan

We have decided to hold off on surgery and do Chemo first. This will give us a shot at reducing the size of the tumor and possibly avoiding complicated reconstructive surgery and just doing a smaller surgery down the road. I spent 4 hours at Huntsman today meeting with my Oncologist and his staff. I saw the place where I will start Chemo on June 14th (8 treatments – every 2 weeks). Between now and then I will be doing some other treatments that will help mitigate some of the long term effects I have been concerned about. It was an emotional day and the realization of the journey that I have only just begun has started to sink in. I am feeling optimistic about this new direction and as I was driving tonight, the song: “I Need Thee Every Hour” came on the radio – it was nice of them to play that song for me in the midst of all the other top 40 that usually plays on that station :). I feel blessed to know that there is a God who loves me and is aware of my inner most struggles and I am humbled to know that it is through the prayers and faith of so many that I am being blessed. Thank you!

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