Wednesday, July 11, 2012

On the Mend

They say Day 3 after a surgery or procedure is always the hardest - I suppose that is true for me today . . . still, this recovery is nothing compared to the others I’ve been through!

I showered today for the first time since Monday and it was great peeling off the skin tight body suit I have to wear 24/7 to keep everything in tact for the next couple of weeks.  Getting it back on after the shower was the tricky part and required some assistance - quite humorous actually.  
To just lay in bed isn’t too bad at all, it’s moving that creates pain and the constant pressure of the girdle like body suit I am wearing hurts my stomach.  I tried not taking the pain pills today since Tuesday they made me so loopy that I ended up sleeping all day and then staying up half the night.  Tonight I am off to bed soon so that I can start getting my nights and days back on track :).
I’m sad that I missed “free slurpee day” at 7-11 but I guess there are worse things to miss out on :) - something cold sounds really good right now, since my throat is actually still quite sore from whatever contraption they shoved down it during the surgery to help me breath.  I think it hurts almost as much as the incisions - lol.  Really though, I am doing quite well and glad to be on the mend and to have the time off work to just recover.
I enjoyed getting some nice emails and texts from some wonderful friends and even a visit from a beautiful woman who recently befriended me - I am so blessed to meet amazing people on a regular basis.  Thank you Nikki for blessing my life - you made my day!
I know we all have things that we wish would go away or go by faster, so I thought this small and simple quote was fitting.  Loves to you all!

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