Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tough Enough to Wear Pink - Chemo Day 6

So I made it to the Days of 47 Rodeo tonight to sing the National Anthem with the Survivor Sisters Group.   I admit I wasn’t that excited to be part of the group at first – nothing personal, just not a club you want to be welcomed to :).  However, I realized quickly how wonderful these women were and how much their life experiences have molded them into someone even more amazing than they were before.  They were all so kind to take me under their wing as the newest member there and give me encouraging tips about chemo brain, hair loss and nausea.   My family was all there to support me and to capture a few photos and I even managed it all without too much nausea.

Overall Today was a good day.  A few mouth issues and some anxiety about the upcoming but not yet reality of hair loss - but overall good.  After sleeping for quite a while I mustered up enough energy to do some very light exercise on the elliptical - I figured this would help with my psyche.   Just 10 minutes on a low setting but it was so great to get moving and then I was able to stretch for the first time in 4 weeks – whoo hoo!.  I feel more and more healing from my surgery every day, and  I have hope that there is a light at the end of this tunnel.  I know that there is, and seeing the wonderful women tonight at various stages of healing helped me know that this is a very temporary situation.  I’m grateful to have this trial and not another that could be so much worse.  I'm thankful for the kind words of friends and some beautiful flowers I recieved from one today.  I'm thankful to have a wonderful family who loves and supports me and to live in this land where I can enjoy and appreciate the freedom of so many choices.  I know that I am very very blessed.    

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