Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Part II - Adventures of Surgery

What an amazing birthday I had yesterday! In spite of the trial I am facing, I would have to say it was my best birthday yet.  I have never felt so loved and surrounded by friends than I did yesterday.  Thank you for all who came by and for all who wanted to – your words of encouragement verbally and through emails, cards and gifts truly mean the world to me.  I was so busy planning for the party and then enjoying it that I really haven’t had much time to think about what I am about to embark on.  I am so glad that I got to see so many of you before I am unable to connect with you for awhile.
So tomorrow is the big day – round 2 of the adventures of surgery.  Having done this only 3 ½ weeks ago, I consider myself a bit of a pro.  I will arrive at the hospital at 5:30 a.m., receive my beeper – like the one you get when you are waiting for your table at a restaurant.  When it starts flashing I will be asked to sign my life away – literally to the Drs who are doing my procedure. 
Then I will be escorted to a hospital room where I will be given some amazing attire that would surely secure a spot for me on “What Not to Wear”.  The no make-up, jewelry or hair spray rule, also adds to the whole ambience of the situation. See the sneak preview below of the picture posted from today’s procedure – but with even more accessories :).  Then a nurse will come in and start my IV – I am blessed to have been assigned first class service for this due to my now infamous aversion to needles.  My surgeon called the hospital and requested that the best nurse “Janae” be available to assist me – I am told that she can get blood from a turnip. 
After the IV is in place and blood drawn, I will then lay there waiting for likely a couple of hours before my turn to be wheeled into surgery.  The Anesthesiologist and Plastic Surgeon will greet me and then smother my face with a mask.  After a few seconds of freaking out, I won’t have any further  recollection until I wake up in recovery.  The surgery will take about 5 hours.  I have given my sisters access to my blog, so that you can hear all about how it went it if you’d like. 
I have recently been blessed to connect with an amazing woman who is going through something very similar to me – her blog runs circles around mine and her post yesterday was inspirational and fun.  I’ll reference it here for your enjoyment!
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  1. Dear Amy,
    You are an amazing woman. Keep the faith. God speed. Press forward. And just know that hospital gowns look rockin' on you! ;) Thoughts and more prayers sent your way my friend and sister in the gospel. Take care.
    Katie Fowler Smith

  2. Dear Amy,
    Thank you for updating us in such a humorous way. It helps me to deal with all the little things in my life so much better. And it helps me not to be sad but to have faith. Thank you for your example. Much love! Tina