Monday, July 11, 2022


I finally met with my new breast surgeon today, Dr. Jane Porretta. This has been a long awaited appointment and the reality of my situation hit me a bit harder than expected this morning. It was surreal to be back at Huntsman for treatment after coming there for the past 11 years for my first rodeo and then follow ups that were thankfully, always clean until this last one. 

Gratefully, she confirmed what I expected her to say - a mastectomy is the best next step and that I won’t need chemo or radiation. Just waiting to hear from her scheduler on when the surgery will be. I am literally breathing a sigh of relief and anxious to get this cancer out of me. I am also relieved about her comments that since it is a non-invasive cancer this time, it could live for years before growing. Last time that was not the case. I’m still anxious to get the surgery done but glad it’s not really growing right now. She also validated what my other doctors have said - that this second cancer is completely unrelated to the first. Whaaaat???

Going through this with 3 precious littles and a wonderful husband by my side this time, has really made me slow down and enjoy each moment I have with them. I hope and pray I can remember this even when I am past the worst of it. 
I recognize that there are many going through cancer and other trials that are much worse and so I am humbled by my good news. 

For me and those in need of extra comfort, I share this talk that my brother sent to me this week: CLICK HERE TO READ -  it really lifted my spirits and reminded me that we literally do have angels among us. 

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